Winter is around the corner & it's time to get your home ready

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Although it's still pretty warm outside, the official start of winter is only a few weeks away and before it gets here there are a few things home owners need to do to prep their homes for colder weather.

December 21st is the first official day of winter and before the cooler temperatures arrive, home owners need to make sure their homes are ready.

Lufkin Home Depot, Assistant Store Manager, Matthew Richey says there several easy and inexpensive things you can do around your house.

Richey says, "Fill in spaces with spray installation, cracks, use caulk around windows and doors, things of that nature. Of course your faucet covers will just attach to your outside faucet you just pull this here to sitch it to it." He also says, "You also want to cover your pipes with pipe insulation and most importantly keep drip in your faucets to keep your pipes from freezing so those are just a few things we can do to winterize our homes."

Richey says it's also a good idea to put together a small emergency kit with flash lights, candles, batteries and bottled water in case of a power outage due to winter storms.

Following these few simple steps could save you a lot of trouble and money this winter.

"If you have busted pipes, plus the heating and cooling costs that you have to deal with. If you don't control the temperature on the inside verses the outside temperature getting into your house it could be a financial waste or cost you a lot of money on your monthly bills," Richey said.

Richey says you can winterize your entire home for a couple hundred dollars and the best part about it is, "These are things that a DIY can do themselves. You do not have to hire professional help to do it. It's just basically putting insulation around pipes, filling in little cracks and voids and stuff like that."

One final tip Richey has for getting your home ready for winter is to add insulation to your attic.
Most homes already have insulation in the attic but it settles and needs a new layer ever couple of years.