Both sides of Lufkin VA clinic closed due to bedbugs

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Veterans Administration officials closed both the primary care and mental health portions of the Charles Wilson VA Outpatient Clinic Monday after live bedbugs were found on a veteran's skin and wheelchair Friday.

The VA Clinic initially only closed the primary care side of the building after the man found with bedbugs on his skin and wheelchair came in complaining of a body rash. Although he was asked to stay for treatment, he refused.

An exterminator was brought in on Saturday, and he sprayed a powdery substance all over the building. The substance was left to sit for 24 hours. After the exterminator again found live bedbugs still inside the building, he sprayed the substance again.

At that point, VA officials made the decision to close the entire building Monday, so they could evaluate the severity of the infestation. As of Monday, they had not found any live bed bugs, and VA officials expect to open the clinic Tuesday.

Patients who were in the clinic on Friday were contacted, so that they could be aware of the bed bugs and seek treatment if necessary. In addition, VA officials alerted Adult Protective Services to go to the home of the veteran who refused treatment to see if they can persuade him to get treatment elsewhere or at the clinic.

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