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Gift of Love: Clay

It was an afternoon of fun and adventure as Clay and I made our way through the Discovery Science Center. This 6th grader loves school and says he's still trying to decide what he wants to be when he grows up. When he's not at school, Clay has a variety of interests.

"Go into my room and listen to music, watch T. V. or go outside and play," Clay said.

He also loves to play with Legos and star wars figures.

As for his favorite food, Clay loves, "Pizza, salad and spaghetti and stuff like that," Clay said.

And for dessert, Clay loves cake!

"Chocolate!" Clay said.

Plus, don't forget the ice cream!

Clay is very artistic and has a creative imagination. He feels a sense of self pride when he sees what he has created. Clay has a strong need for consistency and structure. He responds well to clear schedules and continuous redirection.

As for his three wishes, Clay is creative.

"Maybe have all the movies in the world," Clay said.

And for his second wish, "Christmas everyday," Clay said.

His third wish is for a forever family, a family all his own. Clay wants an active family that enjoys doing fun activities together. Also, Clay needs a family experienced with working with autistic children. Clay exhibits mild features of autism. And he'd love a sibling.

"Maybe like a big brother," Clay said.

Clay's new family will need to give him lots of attention and affection and most importantly show him the Gift of Love!

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