Serial killer's connection to Wells

As more details are unraveled in the case of a serial killer arrested in Lufkin, we're finding out more about why Israel Keyes was even in East Texas. He came to the area to visit his family, who is part of a religious group stationed in Wells. Tonight at 6, Leigha Hughes interviews a man from the church who is delivering Keyes' eulogy on Sunday.

The Appleby Volunteer Fire Department in Nacogdoches County is dealing with repossessed fire trucks, overdue bills and the possibility of losing grants. At 6, Donna McCollum tries to find out why.

If you're reading this, there's a good chance you use social media. But at what lengths? At 6, Michelle Reed reports some may take whacky and dangerous lengths to update their Facebook.

It's a very special story about a magical elf named Skippy Dimpledot. He became a household name in Lufkin when the mother and daughter team first introduced Skippy in 2044. Now, he's gone national. Michelle will bring you that story at 10.

Jeff Awtrey

Assignments editor