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Woman tased after assaulting 2 officers in Gilmer


A woman is under evaluation at a mental facility after assaulting two police officers following a bizarre situation in Gilmer on Saturday.

When police arrived at the intersection of Highway 271 and Highway 154, three women were screaming and running around a car that was stopped in the crossroads.

"They weren't saying anything, they were just flat screaming," said Gilmer police officer Monty Montgomery.

One officer tried to separate the women when things got out of hand.

"Another woman ran from behind the vehicle and attacked him and it appeared she was trying to free the girl he was attempting to handcuff. She's kicking and flailing and she's hitting people in the head. She never stopped resisting. She never stopped fighting," Montgomery says.

Trying to get the woman into the squad car, Montgomery says he had to use a taser.

"I advised everybody I was about to tase her, took the cartridge off and dry stunned her in the right leg, and it had no effect. She looked at me said 'ouch,' and kicked me in the face," he says.

Experience led Montgomery to believe she was under the influence of some kind of chemical substance.

Passersby pitched in to help subdue the woman and get her into the back of the police car.

"It took 5 grown men to put her in that vehicle. We had 2 officers there, which was 100 percent of our police force at the time. If it hadn't been for those people who come out to help us, somebody could have really got hurt," Montgomery says.

The woman is now under evaluation at a mental facility and will be charged with assaulting an officer.

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