Healthy holiday eating can make keeping New Year’s resolutions easier

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - It's the most wonderful time of theyear, stockings are hung, the tree is decorated and holiday meals seem neverending.

It's also the time of year where mostAmericans put on five to ten pounds.

"A lot of that is due to astressful environment. We're spending more money that we're used to spendingand our schedules are busier and a lot of times our meals will be the lastthing we think about," said Amy McLeod, Rd, Ld, Registered Dietician,Brookshire Brothers.

Once the holidays are over gyms arefilled with many trying to get rid of their holiday weight and fulfill New Year'sresolutions.

"Diet and exercise you can't doone without the other, its all about making that habit," said Matt Engel,Store Manager, Complete Nutrition.

Registered dietician Amy Mcleod saysstarting a healthy workout now could save you the trouble.

"They should start by exercisingpreferably in the morning because we have a lot of activities at night and wecome up with excuses not to exercise," said McLeod.

Dietitians say portion control is key and itsimportant to eat a variety of fruits and vegetables and holiday parties can bea set back if you're not prepared.

"Have a snack before you go soyou don't go starving so that especially if there is a delay in the meal youmay really over eat when that food comes," said McLeod.

Health officials say it comes down towhat is doable for you and encourages slight adjustments for a healthierholiday.

"You should not go on a dietbecause you can get back off, make a cleaner lifestyle," said Engel.

"If you can kind of have themindset that you are going to continue you physical activity," saidMcLeod.

It's a routine you can keep as youhead into the new year.

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