T-Rex dinosaur fossil arrives at Naranjo Museum of Natural History

Members of the Lufkin Chamber of Commerce gathered at the Naranjo Museum of Natural History this morning to celebrate the arrival of 'Bubba' the T-Rex dinosaur.

Bubba is a 68 million year old dinosaur found in the Hell Creek Formation in South Dakota. The fossil is a scientific replica of a T-Rex dinosaurs bones, and is not 100 percent real fossil. However, Bubba is the only T-Rex dinosaur to make his home in East Texas.

"We're still in the process of digging up more dinosaurs and stuf but it kind of completes the well, critters that you have ina museum. It puts us in the top level with the top museums in the whole country," said Dr. Neal Naranjo, the owner of the museum.

It took Dr. Naranjo four weeks to get Bubba ready for display. The museum is expecting to add more pieces next year.

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