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Better East Texas: Bob Costas

By Pat Stacey

Sportscaster Bob Costas delivered a commentary on gun control last Sunday night in the wake of the murder-suicide of Kansas City Chief Jovan Belcher.  The action by Belcher was obviously a tragedy and it appears that the team had been providing counseling for Belcher and his girlfriend.  But the issue comes from Bob Costas who used this horrible incident as a stage for his view on gun control.  Now, he didn't come out and saw he wanted to outlaw guns but he came close enough.  And while Mr. Costas has answered some of the criticism, through a spokesperson, he cannot deny what he said, which was, essentially that hand guns need to go.  Costas stated that, in his opinion, hand guns don't enhance our safety, they tempt us and bait us into embracing confrontation.  Well, while there are those that use handguns for violence against others, there is an overwhelming percentage of gun owners that have them for protection and legal purposes.  I don't own a handgun but I do believe in the second amendment and just about any law or right can be twisted and abused.  Criminals and sick people will be able to get guns no matter what the law says and Bob Costas is taking advantage of a tragedy to cast a shadow on those that follow the rules and are emotionally stable.  Costas can keep his job, he just needs to remember he is a sports announcer and not keeper of the national conscience.

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