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Now You See It: Family pet 'pignapped' by car thieves

YOUNGSTOWN, OH (WJW/CNN) - A not-so-little piggy was taken for a ride when thieves stole the owner's car with the animal inside. 

"She`s like my baby."  Wendy Thrasher`s in hog heaven now that her nearly 300 pound potbellied pig named Penelope is back home.

"We have human kids and I love her every bit as much as I do the human ones."

Wendy almost lost her precious pig Monday when car thieves pignapped Penelope while stealing Wendy`s vehicle.

"That`s like my child that they took. That's the same thing as kidnapping to me."

The 'boarish' bandits apparently stole Wendy`s vehicle, with the pig still inside, while she was at a friends home, although she didn`t realize it at first.

"I thought maybe the kids had borrowed it or something, but when I realized kids were there and I knew the car was gone I panicked and called 911."

Wendy`s had the 3-year-old pig since she was just 3-days-old, so she began looking for her along with Youngstown police. Officers spotted the smashed-up car on West Myrtle Street and found the swine sitting quietly on the backseat. 
"They actually found it before I had called and they said that she was okay and that I could go get her."

Wendy squealed with delight and went with a humane officer to safely bring Penelope home.

"I think she`s doing okay; we`re gonna go to the vet cause she`s still shaken, her breathing`s a little bit goofy, but I`m sure she`s going to be okay."
She suspects that Penelope may not have been the nicest passenger, and possibly scared the thieves, causing the accident. She says not only did they total her car, but they could have killed her prized pig.
"Yea they don`t want me to find them."

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