Outlook bleak for the cash-strapped Appleby Fire Department

APPLEBY, TX (KTRE) - Appleby Fire Chief Mike Shepherd said the cash-strapped department is "pretty much done" in the wake of a recent development. On Wednesday, Shepherd confirmed that the fire department's Emergency Service District contract has not been extended.

Although a motion was made to keep the partnership, it died for a lack of a second. Shepherd said without the $60,000 the ESD provides the fire department each year, it is "pretty much done."

Tomorrow is the day crew's last day. Shepherd said without a contract, the department can't legally respond to calls as of December 31st.

Earlier this month, two fire trucks were repossessed. Shepherd, who took over just last week, said he doesn't know what will happen with the Appleby Fire Department's other financed equipment and what was purchased through grants.

Shepherd informed Appleby city leaders if they want to purchase any of the equipment or the building they had better do it pretty quick.

After interim chief Dave Crawford resigned following the fire truck repossessions, Shepherd accepted the fire chief position earlier this month. He found that the fire department had many past-due bills and financial woes.

In an earlier interview, Shepherd called the mess with the Appleby Fire Department a mismanagement of funds by Crawford, who is now living in another state.

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