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Guns, ammunition, and axes found in suspected killer's home


A month and a half after the chilling murder of a Tyler mother, KLTV exclusively obtained documents explaining more about the man who police say killed her.

On Halloween, police say 42-year-old James Calvert shot and killed his ex-wife and kidnapped their 4-year-old son, Lucas.

Calvert and the boy were pulled over by authorities in West Monroe, Louisiana later that night.
The boy was unharmed.

The victim, 30-year-old Jelena Sriraman, had recently remarried and was planning to move.
She was living in a house paid for by her church, when Calvert allegedly broke in and killed her.

In a hand written document from Tyler Police, the search warrant lists twenty-six different guns found inside Calvert's home. The list also includes more than a dozen containers of ammunition, briefcases of knives and a bag of axes.

Just hours before Tyler Police executed that search warrant, 30-year-old Jelena Sriraman was shot and killed. Her son was taken by Calvert.

"He has basically shot his wife and that child is definitely in eminent danger. We don't know what his intent is for that child," said Tyler Police Officer Don Martin at the scene of the crime on October 31, 2012.

The search warrant of Jelena's home shows that police collected six shell casings from the scene. The documents also state that there was a bullet in the door that police believe Calvert forced open.

On the scene, one witness who was at the nearby park recounted events to police.

"I heard three shots - pow, pow, pow - and I just looked around," said Shonda Emmert, who called 911.

"I looked into the carport and I saw that the door was open. It looked like there was some wood, like someone had kicked in the door," she said on November 2, 2012.

Twelve hours after the crime, this cell phone video captured Calvert's arrest following a chase. Authorities said he had two guns with him in the car, and Lucas, strapped safely in his car seat.

"He did make a statement to officers that given the chance he was going to try to escape, or kill himself or shoot somebody," West Monroe Police Department Major Jeff Terrell said on November 1, 2012.

On November 5, Calvert was brought back to Smith County where he's waiting to stand trial.
Four-year-old Lucas and his sister are still in CPS custody, waiting to  be adopted by their step-father.

In Calvert's home, investigators also found a bow and arrow, nine computers, more than a dozen hard drives and nine of Calvert's prescription medications.

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