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Fire Department employee resigns after drug arrest at her home

By Bob Hallmark

Kilgore Police say they found a sizable amount of marijuana at a home on Fritz Swanson Road.

That home is owned by Longview Fire Department employee Monica Harris.

Police confiscated nearly a pound of marijuana at the home, after a traffic stop led to information.

Lieutenant Roman Roberson tells us "One of our officers initiated a traffic stop a couple of individuals, he located some marijuana. They shared with him where they purchased it follow up investigation went to the location where it was purchased."

Homeowner Monica Hanks was not at the home.

22 year old Eric King was arrested at the home for possession of marijuana, and told police all the marijuana and paraphernalia was his.

The discovery put the city of Longview in the unusual position of having to launch their own investigation because the house in question was owned by a city employee.

LFD Public Information Officer Shawn Hara said "Longview Fire Department was notified that there had been an arrest in Kilgore at her home. The fire department decided it'd be best to conduct and internal investigation.

Investigators say right now, they have no evidence that Hanks knew what was going on at the home.

Hanks was on paid administrative leave, but officials say she decided it was best to resign. According to Longview city policy, she is not eligible to be rehired by the department.

At this time, she faces no charges.

Right now, police have not clarified what relationship Eric King is to Monica Hanks, or how they came to be at the home.

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