Trinity Co. jury gives man 40 years in taser attack, Maglite sex assault

Donald Hernandez (Source: Houston County Jail)
Donald Hernandez (Source: Houston County Jail)

GROVETON, TX (KTRE) - A Trinity County jury handed down a sentence of 40 years Wednesday for a Trinity man accused of abducting a woman and injuring her with a homemade taser and sexually assaulting her with a Maglite.

The jury gave Donald Christopher Hernandez Jr., 29, 40 years on an aggravated kidnapping charge and a concurrent 20 years on a sexual assault charge.

According to prosecuting attorney Bennie Schiro, the trial for Hernandez began on Monday and the jury found him guilty around 2 p.m. Wednesday. The jury issued the sentence around 6 p.m.

"I was happy with it," Schiro said. "He's a pretty dangerous guy."

Schiro explained that Hernandez had a similar case a couple years ago in Harris County, but the district attorney there refused to charge it.

Schiro gave a long explanation about how Hernandez lured the woman into his home.

He said the woman was living in Houston but came to see Hernandez about some money he owed her. Schiro said Hernandez managed to lure her into a bedroom, which had been added onto his trailer home. He said once she was in there, he hit her with a baseball bat.

Hernandez kept the woman in the bedroom for a week. The windows were boarded up and the door to the room locked from the outside.

During that week, Hernandez used a homemade taser and shocked the woman on her legs several times, leaving second- and third-degree burns.

"He said that God told him to shock her," Schiro said.

Schiro said Hernandez also tied the woman to a bed and used a Maglite to sexually assault her.

It was not until a week later, when the woman wrote a letter of apology to Hernandez, that he let her go.

People in Houston had begun missing her during that week and called the Trinity County Sheriff's Office to tell them they knew she was locked up in that house.

Deputies came to the home several times, but Hernandez could see them coming, using video-monitoring equipment he had installed. He would turn off the lights to the Trinity-area home before they arrived. The woman said she could see them coming with a monitor in the room.

Schiro said Hernandez had a jar of anti-freeze mixed with fruit punch and told the woman that if authorities ever reached him, he would drink it.

The woman reported the crime to the sheriff's office once she was released, and deputies put together a search and arrest warrant at the home. When they arrived, they had to break down four doors to get to Hernandez and saw the jar of the concoction was empty.

Deputies arrested Hernandez but it was not until the next day when he started feeling the effects of the drink. Hernandez now receives kidney dialysis treatments weekly, Schiro said.

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