Trinity Co. man re-indicted for cutting water line

TRINITY COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - A Trinity County man accused of cutting awater line has been re-indicted after a mistrial in August.

Bobby Conner cut a water line on his propertyin July of 2011.

Conner shut off water for himself and 75other Mogalus Prarie and Centalia residents.

County officials say in the first trial theprosecution needed to prove he purposefully cut off water from recipients.

With the new criminal mischief charge theyjust have to prove he cut the line.

"We have to prove that basically he cutthe line and that it caused a certain amount of monetary damage and the firsttime we tried the case under the old law the final count of the jury was 9-3 forguilty so we had a hung jury," said Bennie Schiro, Assistant District Attorney.

Schiro says Connor causedabout 1,500 dollars worth of damage, his trial has been set for April of nextyear.

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