Lufkin high student's non-profit collects 9,000 books for kids

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Children books are a source for adventure and knowledge to many kids, but the sad truth is that there are some children that do not have the opportunity to read these books.\

I was exposed to different types of kids who were not exposed to the same opportunities I was given growing up to get to know and enjoy reading so I decided to do whatever I could to get books in the hands of these children," said Lufkin High School junior Will Chance.

Chance decided that the best way to do that would be to start "Books that Benefit".

"Books that benefit" is a non-profit organization that collects books and gives them to children who are in need.

"A story that really touched my heart. She told that year, that the only Christmas presents that those kids that are benefited by the H.O.P.E. center where going to be able to get was a piece of fruit," said Chance.

Heartbroken, Chance and his group stepped in and provided a book to every child.

This year, "Books that benefit" has stepped up its efforts in a competition with schools from all over the state.

School officials believe that the students have also learned a valuable lesson from the project.

"It helps the students by giving back to the community. Our students at Lufkin high school are very giving as well as the community. So it teaches them to become responsible young adults," said Patricia White, the school's activity coordinator.

One thing that chance stresses is the importance of helping out children.

"You don't have to start your own corporation or anything. It's just important to do what you can to help kids all throughout the country," said Chance.

Chance love's children's books so much he even remembers his favorite one growing up, Where The Wild Things Are.

To learn how to donate you can visit their website at

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