East Texas schools answer to non-compliant listing

CUSHING, TX (KTRE) - After last week's school shooting, Texas school districts are reviewing their safety plans.

The state attorney general released the names of 78 school districts that are not in compliance with the Texas School Safety Center.

One district on the list was Cushing ISD.

"These are all of our babies, and we want them to be safe," said middle school principal Martha Lee.

A safety plan is in place, but Superintendent Michael Davis says a clerical error got them on the list.

"We do so many things and because we didn't file it correctly we took a hit," Davis said.

In recent years, Cushing ISD has beefed up campus security, Including main doors can only be accessed with a key card and numerous security cameras around the property.

All this to emphasize their number one goal: safety.

"We focus on here is what can we do right as far as protecting our kids," said high school principal Jim Moore.

"Anything that could happen at my school is my job and I take it very seriously," said elementary school principal Melanie Pettit.

"I spoke with a parent yesterday that commended us for being a small school and having a school safety officer," Pettit said.

Zavalla ISD also made the list but they say they returned their paperwork to the center last May.

Their superintendent, David Flowers, understands the concerns of parents but assures them their children are safe.

"We make every effort to provide the safest school we can for our kids," Flowers said.

A statement many school leaders are offering in these emotional times.

Other East Texas Schools were on the list and could not be reached on camera but they did give KTRE statements.

"We are having a hard time finding out when the audit was submitted. We submitted one in 2010 and this would be our third year. But, I became Superintendent two years ago. We've looked all over the office to see why the audit hasn't been loaded. That being said that responsibility lies on my desk. It's not a neglected issue, and we do all the required meetings and trainings but in terms of the safety audit it got lost in the superintendent transition." –David Baxter, Kennard ISD

"We are one of the school districts that did submit that. We are in compliance in 2010 also in 2007 and also in 2004. We have completed that safety audit and it was submitted. And we are in the same situation of other districts that are in compliance. They didn't receive it but as far as Warren ISD is concerned we are in compliance. That was put out there prematurely without checking with the schools to make sure we had actually done. We're going to try to find out where the lack of communication is. We will be resubmitting our safety audit in a timely manner to make sure it does get approved."  - Lance Johnson, Warren ISD

"We have a safety plan in place and we are currently investigating why we were on the list." – Grey Burton, Martinsville ISD

"This is my first year as the superintendent with Woden. I'm not sure if it was turned into the safety center. We are investigating to see why the audit paperwork did not get submitted. The safety of our students is our number one goal." – Brady Taylor, Woden ISD

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