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'Garland over the mantle is not safe'


While Christmas stockings and garland may look nice above the chimney, is it safe?

One East Texas business says there are certain things people should know before using their fireplace if there is decor.

"Garland over the mantle is not safe if you're going to burn a fire. The longer that it's there, its combustion rate begins to drop, and it can get low. You can be sitting there and all of a sudden it can go up in flames," says Earl Brown, East Texas Brick.

Brown says decorating isn't totally ruled out, but knowing where you can place things is important.

"This is 24 inches away from the opening of the fire place, the required clearance. Notice how we don't have it hanging over the front of it and we don't have it hanging down here allowing this part to be near the heat," says Brown.

Brown also says that if you do hang your stockings from the mantle to remove them when lighting a fire. He also highly recommends getting a chimney suppressant just in case a fire where to break out.

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