San Augustine Co. Sheriff: Grand Prairie man stole grandmother's Cadillac, stabbed cousin

Milton Burrell (Source: San Augustine County Jail)
Milton Burrell (Source: San Augustine County Jail)

SAN AUGUSTINE COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - San Augustine County Sheriff's Office deputies arrested a 23-year-old Grand Prairie man Tuesday morning after he allegedly stole his grandmother's 1988 Cadillac, drove it to San Augustine, climbed through his cousin's window, and used a kitchen knife to stab his cousin in the face.

Milton Burrell Jr. is still being held in the San Augustine County jail on felony charges of attempted murder, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, and burglary of a habitation with the intent to commit another felony. He also has a misdemeanor evading arrest charge from Grand Prairie. Collectively, his bond has been set at $125,000.

"This case is still under investigation," David Smith, the San Augustine County Sheriff, said. "At this time, we still don't have a motive as to why he did this."

Smith said he responded to the 911 call at a residence in the county's Robertson Community around 8:30 a.m. Tuesday. He said according to what they've been able to piece together so far, Burrell climbed through a window at his cousin's residence.

After taking several items from the home, he allegedly grabbed a kitchen knife and went into the bedroom where his cousin was sleeping. Smith said when Burrell tried to stab his cousin the first time, he grazed the other man's side, waking him up that he jumped out of the bed.

The two men struggled over the knife, and the cousin received a cut to his bottom lip and a small puncture wound on his jaw. At some point during the scuffle, the knife got broken, and the cousin managed to fight Burrell off long enough to escape to a neighbor's house, where he called 911. The cousin also received several abrasions, and judging by the Burrell's mug shot, he didn't emerge from the fight unscathed.

Both men wound up seeking treatment at a San Augustine hospital. The cousin's injuries required numerous stitches.

Smith said that his deputies initially arrested Burrell on the outstanding evading arrest warrant from Grand Prairie. He said the SACSO added the additional charges after Burrell was taken to the jail.

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