Clyde Herrington says farewell to Angelina County DA's office

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Colleagues and friends of the Angelina County District Attorney, Clyde Herrington, came together today to wish him a happy retirement.

Judges, clerks, lawyers, law enforcement, friends and family of the DA joined together at the Angelina County Courthouse to celebrate his retirement from public office. Herrington said, "I've certainly enjoyed my career in the DA's office and I feel really good that it's going to be in good hands with good folks."

Herrington was born in Lufkin. He graduated from SFA then attended Baylor University for law school but always wanted to get back to East Texas. During his time as DA, he says he worked on a number of cases but one stands out. "Probably the toughest case was the Saenz capital murder case that occurred at the Divita Dialysis Center. That was probably the longest, most complicated case I've ever handled," he said.

Several judges as well as former DA Gerald Goodman say Herrington was fair and didn't have to be reminded about what's right and wrong. Goodman said, "As district attorney he had a lot of common sense. He could evaluate a case. If someone needed some help he didn't mind giving it to them. That's always been the case."

Judge Paul White said Clyde was very inspiring. "I've never found a colleague who chose to do right as much as my friend Clyde Herrington.

Herrington says what he's really enjoyed most about the job is being able to help people. "As DA you get to prosecute folks that are dangerous and hurt people and you also get to try and help people. A lot of folks make mistakes and they're not evil and they need a hand up," said Herrington.

Art Bauereiss will be the new District Attorney come 2013. Herrington said "I think Art knows all he needs to know. He's been in the DA's office 26 years. He's a very good lawyer. A good man. And I feel like he'll serve the citizens well.

Herrington will still practice law part-time in private practice. As far as his plans for retirement, he says he wants to spend time with his family and get out to the farm, fix fences, feed the cows and enjoy a little hunting and fishing.