Restaurant Report-Angelina-12/20/12

ANGELINA COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Hampton Inn Grocery & Buffet @ 4400 S. First: 23 demerits for improper temperatures, remove expired food items from shelves, clean inside drawers, hand sinks are for hand washing only, need soap and paper towels at hand sink, need chemical test strips and kitchen employees are not allowed to wear jewelry.

McDonald's @ 1118 S. Timberland: 10 demerits for clean under equipment, clean under ice machine, clean under shelves in dry storage, back door needs to be sealed, clean ice dispenser to front fountain drinks and drive thru and clean ice machine.

Sake Café & Club @1905 Tulane Drive Suite #103 A: 7 demerits for cleaning needed inside ice machine, employees must have food handler certification and do not store utensils in standing water.

McDonald's @ 3301 S. First: 7 demerits for clean vent hood filters, clean under shelves in dry storage, clean under equipment and repair leak at sink.

Comfort Inn Buffet @ 4402 S. First: 5 demerits for improper temperatures.

Buffalo Wild Wings @ 105 Miles Way Suite 100: 4 demerits for employees must have food handler certification.

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