Employers urge job seekers to defy job search myths during holiday season

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - A common myth about job searching during the holiday season has been debunked. One common myth is that companies and businesses are not looking to hire during Christmas time. But contrary to belief, many employers say this is just a myth.

"That's a big myth because employers look for employees all season and especially during the holiday season. Sometimes people leave and they don't come back so employers are seeking to hire people for full-time,"said Catherine Adams, a business service manager at Workforce Solutions.

Adams says she gets inquiries from all types of businesses about holiday hires, and most of the time it's for full-time work.

"We actually take jobs from them and put them into our working Texas system and make referrals of customers that come in meeting that criteria," said Adams.

Denny's opened up a new location in Lufkin and is looking for full-time cooks, bus boys, waitresses and hostesses.

"Denny's in particular, in the restaurant business, we hire year-round regardless of seasonal issues. We do experience an increase in volume during the holiday seasons," said Josh Edinger, an operator for Denny's. "We'll typically hire in advance for that but we are hiring at all times and we never stop hiring."

Santa won't always bring you a job on Christmas day, but Adams says people looking for a job during the holiday season should keep looking.

"Don't stop looking for work because most employers, even though they are closed on Christmas day, a lot of them are still seeking employees after Christmas. So, don't just stop looking for work just because it's a holiday," said Adams.

Many hiring managers prefer to hire at the end of the year in order to fulfill yearly budgets. Most of the hires are for the first quarter of the new year.

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