Christmas is a peak time for Nacogdoches shelter pet adoptions, pet store sales

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - An animal shelter visit this time of year makes humans interpret the barks and meows as, "Please take me home for Christmas."

"Our pay off is finding homes for them and if it increases this time of year that's good. That's good for us," Steven Barry, an animal control officer with Nacogdoches. "Good for the animals because everybody here, we would love to find a home for them."

As badly as the shelter animals need a home there are restrictions. The new owner must be present at time of adoption.

"If you're buying it for a friend or someone else, not always because they may not always want one or may not bond with it," Barry said.

There are those pet owners who never question what's right for Fluffy or Fido. They are the Americans who spent roughly a total of $53 billion dollars on their pets this year. The Christmas gift trend this year is tacky Christmas sweaters for dogs.

And so, who is more likely to receive a gift on Christmas morning, a dog or a cat? According to the American Pets Products Association more than half of the dog owners in the nation will be presenting a gift to Fido, whereas only 38 percent of the cat owners will present a gift.

Shelter animals aren't left out in Nacogdoches. Each animal receives a chew toy on Christmas Eve.

"They play, they bump, they bang, they throw the toys up in the air," Jamie Shelton, the animal services supervisor for Nacogdoches, said. "They have more fun Christmas Eve probably than they do any other time of the year."

But a forever home would make them even happier.

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