Sewage Problems

If you've lived in Lufkin for a while, you may be familiar with the city's ongoing sewage problem. The foul odor is caused by large sewer lines that run through a new detention pond near Lotus Lane.

The line handles a third of Lufkin's sewage. City workers say the odor leaks out of the line and into the air through man hole covers and pockets of air that get into the sewer lines.

A company actually designed a chemical for the city last year to help combat the smell, based on Lufkin's particular system.

City engineer Debbie Fitzgerald says, "That chemical was put in and it worked very well. What we're seeing this year; we've got additional flows, we've got different waste going into the system and our chemical is not quite doing what we need it to do."

You can help get rid of the sewage problem by watching what you wash down the drain. Food products like chicken parts and grease tend to smell bad after a while... adding to the existing sewage odor in the air.