Santa and Mrs. Claus trade in sleigh for Harley Davidson motorcycle


LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Santa has a new ride and it isn't decorated with sleigh bells. Ever since Santa had a sleigh accident eight years ago, he rides into town with Mrs. Claus in tow on the back of a stylish Harley Davidson motorycle.

"We were flying in the Bald Hill area and a rail on the sled clipped the top of a pine tree and I didn't have any place to land," Santa said. "I was flying around and I seen this pasture and I landed down in there and a fine gentleman by the name of Mr. Gatheir; well that was his place, and he said he could fix the sled."

Not knowing what to do Santa waited until Gathier fixed his sled. To pay him back, Santa and Mrs. Claus came up with a proposition for Gatheir.

"In '05, Mr. Gatheir had said if there was anything we ever needed to let him know so we thought, well, we'll just go circle around and ride around the Lufkin area and Nacogdoches and check on the kids and make sure they're being good and that's what we've been doing for seven years now," said Mrs. Claus.

Since then, Mr. and Mrs. Claus have been everywhere...from Academy to the mall and they will even make house calls to the homes of kids who are on the nice list.

The couple says they love spending time with the kids, and the kids agree.

"Because he brings us toys!" one little girl said.

Santa and Mrs. Claus say that it doesn't matter how they get to Lufkin. They just want to spread joy among families in town.

"We ride around to make people happy, just to see them smile. That's why we do it," said Mrs. Claus.

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