San Augustine couple celebrates their 100th birthday

SAN AUGUSTINE, TX (KTRE) - It's a rarity to live until you are 100 years old, but husband and wife Herman and Naomi Garner have defied that expectation.

"Oh, I feel good. I'm happy and good. We've been together 57 years," Herman Garner said.

Herman celebrated his 100th birthday in June and Naomi will celebrate hers on Saturday.

Last year, Naomi suffered from a stroke that left her unable to talk in full sentences. Speaking on her behalf, Herman says that he believes they have stayed alive for so long because they never picked up bad habits.

"I never drank, smoke...I never took on any of those bad habits. I started in, I obeyed my parents. I was good and when I grew up in age, I never stayed out all night. I never did gamble or do anything," Herman said.

This isn't the first marriage for the couple, who each lost their previous spouses in the 1940s. The couple met while Herman was working as a high school basketball coach.

"That's when they started having these tournaments with schools getting together and I had a choice to take someone to go with us to the different tournaments and I met her," Herman said. "And I hadn't really had time to really talk so we started from that first trip."

Herman, who has three children from his previous marriage, says the key to living a long life starts a young age.

Herman says giving kids chores and maintaining a healthy lifestyle will elongate life.

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