Walking - The Best Exercise

We consider walking to be the best transitional exercise.  Walking not only satisfies the criteria for increased activity and movement, but also serves as a safe introduction to the more demanding pulse-rated exercise later on.

The benefits of walking are even greater when performed in a brisk and sustained manner while your thoughts are pleasant and free from stress. Aimless strolling, on the other hand, can actually be quite tiring because it does not allow you to hit your own individual stride.

Hitting your stride maintains youthful conditioning, put spring and vigor in your every move and frees you from commonplace symptoms of chronic tiredness and lack of enthusiasm. And according to recent studies, you will also enjoy a longer life span.

It is not surprising that The Committee on Exercise and Physical Fitness of the American Medical Association has stated that, "Walking briskly, not strolling, is the simplest and also one of the best forms of exercise."