Nursery owner gives tips on discarding dead trees

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - It's not a secret...there are dead trees all over East Texas and many people are unsure about how to get rid of the trees properly.

This week's Christmas day storm has caused major stress to dormant trees. Melvin Walker, the owner of Timberland Nursery in Lufkin, says most of the damaged trees were already dead from last year's drought.

"They're just rotted roots and they let them fall on over easy so you need to mark the ones that got a few dead limbs on it," Walker said. "Right now, when they're falling you need to go ahead and clip them up so the wind won't blow them onto houses and buildings."

Many people don't even know how to tell if their trees are dead, but Walker says to look at the tree bark.

"Your tree starts to split. Your limbs will start to droop a little lower than the other limbs around you," Walker said. "In that situation, just keep your eyes open for termites, ants and stuff like that. You know you can tell the tree is hurting."

Walker says the best way to cut down a tree is to cut off the broken limbs and then work inward starting at the smaller branches.

"You would go ahead and start taking off your limbs where it is the longest part of the limbs," Walker said. "Take some of that weight off of the tree."

The best time to trim trees is during the winter months because the tree won't produce food until the spring allowing the wounds to heal quickly.

Walker says the best way to discard tree branches is to either burn them or stack them on the side of the road for recycling.

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