Pit Bull Kills Child

A Nacogdoches County family is grieving the death of 8 month old Jordan Parker. The child was attacked and killed by his grandmother's pit bull Thursday morning. Authorities believe Jordan simply was at the wrong place, at the wrong time.

The family knew the 14 year old pit bull dog longer than they did the baby it killed. Authorities were told by its owner, Sonja Dailey the house dog was frequently near her grandson with never a problem. The morning of the fatal attack was different. The child was nearby when the pit got into a fight with another family dog, a mixed terrier.

Sheriff Thomas Kerss was at the scene. "The child and the grandmother were in the bathroom together. The grandmother was at her makeup counter and did not actually realize the two dogs had come into the bedroom until she heard the dogs begin to fight. Kerss says Dailey tried to separate the two dogs--then the pit bull attacked Jordan.

The grandmother's screams came from the Deercreek Subdivision home off Appleby Sand Road. They alerted Jordan's mother, Tessa Parker who authorities say was in another bedroom. She was spared seeing the dog's strong jaws around her child's head.

Kerss says Dailey attempted CPR, but it was too late. "All the wrong things had to occur at the exact moments to lead up to this particular situation. Had those two dogs not encountered each other in a small confined area such as the bathroom chances are this wouldn't have taken place," said Kerss.

The pit bull in the attack has no history of aggression, so criminal charges against the owner are unlikely. Animal behavior experts say any breed can become uncharacteristically dangerous during a fight.

Veterinarian, Dr. Wendy Blount explained, "What happens is hormones are released when they become excited and they actually respond differently to sort of normal movements than they usually would and they can perceive something threatening that at a normal time wouldn't be threatening at all."

The pit bull will remain in quarantine until it's euthinized. It's the law, but also the family's desire.