San Augustine couple celebrates being centenarians together

SAN AUGUSTINE, TX (KTRE) - It's a rarity for someone to live to be a centenarian and Herman and Naomi Garner are defying the odds as they both crossed the 100 year threshold this year.

Naomi turned 100 on December 29th and Sunday, friends and family celebrated the milestone at their church in San Augustine.

Naomi who suffered a stroke last year, says there's only one person she needs to thank.
She said, "The Lord, He cares. He takes care of me."

The couple has been married for 57 years and German, who turned 100 in June, says there's a pretty simple recipe for living a long and healthy life.

Herman said, "I didn't live a fast life. I never drank. Never smoked. Never gambled or thought too much of money."

The Garners were both teachers and credit living a full life to being raised by good parents. The couple's daughter, Herman Louise Garner Dillon flew in from Chicago for the celebration.

She said, "It's about celebrating the years that my parents have been here. It's very unusual like you say for a couple to each be 100 years old. I don't think I've ever heard that."

Dillon says she hopes she has the genes to live as long as her parents but she also credits San Augustine for the couple's longevity.

Dillon said, "It means a lot to me to see them live this long and they've really been wonderful parents and I'm so thankful that they live in a small community where all of the town seems to take care of them." Herman and Naomi's daughter also said she would only like to live as long as her parents if she could be active and not be a burden. She even says her dad still drives, which she's not so sure is a good idea.

To memorialize the Naomi's milestone, Mayor Leroy Hughes presented her with a special gift.
Hughes said, "Commemorate that day, which is December 29th, would be Naomi Garner's day in San Augustine."

There must be something in the water because Hughes says this is the 4th, 100th birthday he has been to this year. He says he'll be at every 100th birthday he knows about and make their birthday, their day in San Augustine as well.

The Garner's are active in the community and plan to stay that way.

Herman said, "I love everybody and I guess everybody in San Augustine County that's of any age knows me."

And Naomi said, "I am happy."