Fuel City cleans up old boat found in woods

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - The owners of Fuel City have refurbished and painted an old boat they found in the woods several months ago. The boat is being called a historic landmark by some people even though no one knew about it for years. The owners said when it came time to decide what to do with the boat...protests from people in town helped them decide to keep it on the property.

The owners say the origins of the boat are still a mystery, but the boat has become a visual link to the community.

"It was just a no brainer to keep it and to preserve it and to make it look nice and create a landmark that people would want to see and people would want to come to so it was really cool," Danielle Pape, the general manager of Fuel City, said.

Pape says it took about two weeks for them to redecorate the boat. They decided to paint a purple panther on the side of the boat in support of the Lufkin High School Panthers.

Pape says people from all over town come to the location just to look at the boat and she says most people believe the boat serves as an important identifier to the property.

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