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Larry Smith sworn in as Smith County Sheriff


It's official. Sheriff Smith has been succeeded by Sheriff Smith. Larry Smith was sworn in as Smith County Sheriff the first day of 2013, replacing long-time sheriff J.B. Smith.

We spent a little time with Sheriff Smith today…guess which one.

Sheriff Larry Smith was introduced to those in the crowd that didn't know him, and then District Judge Jack Skeen spoke a little about working with Sheriff Smith on a murder case in 1987. The first time they met Smith was a detective with the Gregg County Sheriff's Department.

Of course, at that point Judge Skeen thought it would be prudent to pick an impromptu jury panel from the packed room.

"And as I was looking around the room, it occurred to me that this would be a really good time to draw. I need four jury panels," Judge Skeen joked.

There were no volunteers, so Smith was sworn in, and the new sheriff in turn swore in his deputies.

I waited for the room to clear before speaking with Sheriff Smith, but when people started coming back in I just decided to go talk to him.

"The plan for today is, after everybody disperses here, is to go to the Sheriff's Office, get some of the things that are needed for the new employees coming in today, to get ready to start fresh tomorrow.  In the morning at 7:30 we'll have half the department here in this room and then half tomorrow evening. I will talk to all of them tomorrow to give them the roadmap of where the Sheriff's Office is going, and talk to them about some of the ways we're going to get there with the training, equipment an

D some of the things we need. We're going to do all this without asking the Commissioners' Court for one more dollar or any personnel," Sheriff Smith said.

The new Sheriff also says he plans on keeping the public well informed.

"The public has a right to know, they deserve to know. We're going to use you the media to get this out to them, and we look forward to working with you as well," Smith promised.

Sheriff Smith says he will continue to adapt to assure that Smith County residents get the best Sheriff's Department he can provide.

Sheriff Smith says, at least for him, his holiday was Christmas so he had planned on working New Years Day.


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