Nacogdoches Memorial welcomes first baby of 2013

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Calis and MichelleDees spent New Year's Day celebrating at Nacogdoches Memorial Hospital with thenewest addition to their family

"She decided shewanted to come early and in a hurry," said Michelle.

The couple wasn'texpecting their fourth child until January 22nd, but newborn LaneyMichelle Dees had other plans and didn't want miss any part of 2013.

"At 2:15 I hadmy first contraction and at 2:56 the baby was here," said Michelle.

The couple and theirfamily live in Cushing and Calis says when his wife woke him up and explainedshe was in labor he knew time was of the essence.

His goal was to keephis wife calm and get to the hospital for their child's delivery.

"She looked overat the speedometer and I told her you do your job and I'll do mine," saidCalis.

Tuesday the "NewYear's Day Baby" was surrounded by family and friends including her three oldersisters. Michelle says New Year's births seem to run in the family.

"Well my grandmotherwas born January 1, 1941," said Michelle.

Even though the rainput a damper on yesterday's celebrations the Dees say they couldn't imagine abetter way to start the New Year.

"We'd talkedabout if we didn't get to pop fireworks lets pray for a baby and that's what wegot," said Michelle.

Laney weighed seven pounds and 12 ounces andshe was 18 inches long.

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