How does this photo make you feel?

This photo has caught the attention of at least one Lufkin resident and a widely known pop singer. At 6, Leigh Hughes explains the background behind this photograph and what the animal shelter is doing about it.

Also at 6, Donna McCollum explains exactly how Congress's agreement on the fiscal budget directly affects your wallet.

A Lufkin man is going to prison for 30 years after pleading guilty to a highly sensitive sexual molestation case. At 6, Caleb Beames explains how this case took excellent teamwork from a school and a local organization in order to get a conviction.

Coming at 5, Michelle Reed explains how the state cutting off funding to Planned Parenthood affects East Texas women.

And at 10, Francesca Washington meets a school bus driver and local residents in the Jasper area who put their efforts together to supply a new home for a family.

At 5, the number of FBI background checks - a requirement for Americans who want to buy firearms - set a record in December. We'll give you the details in just a bit.

Did you know that under a new federal law, 75-watt incandescent bulbs can no longer be produced or imported in the U.S? You may have already noticed that you can no longer find 100-watt bulbs. What's next, and why is this happening? We'll explain at 5.

Jeff Awtrey

Assignments editor