Mail carrier-biting lemur back in Houston Co. home

Source: Tammy Baughman
Source: Tammy Baughman

HOUSTON COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - A Houston County lemur that bit a mail carrier while she was on her route in mid-December is back home after completing its quarantine at a wildlife refuge, according to a Facebook page devoted to bringing him back home.

"We are all home!" read a post on the SaveKeanu Ringtail Lemur Facebook page. "Keanu has played and played, groomed every dog and now has finally passed out I was so glad to be home but I also felt sadness because it felt like I was leaving family."

Houston County authorities placed Keanu in quarantine after he bit Marla Reeves while she was on her last route of the day. Deputies from Houston County's Sheriff's Department took Keanu to a Crockett Veterinary office where he was sentenced to a thirty day quarantine.

He was later transferred to a wildlife refuge.

According to the Facebook page, Reeves' attorney is handling the recovery of her medical expenses from Tammie Baughman's home owner's insurance. Baughman is Keanu's owner.

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