Pilgrim Pride UFCW employees send Christmas cards to terminally ill boy in Kentucky

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Michael Crippen, an office representative of Pilgrim Pride's UFCW local 540 in Lufkin, was deeply touched when he read about Dalton Dingus, a 9-year-old boy from Kentucky suffering from stage four of Cystic Fibrosis. It is the most common and deadliest forms of lung disease found in children.

"I started reading the story more and he said all he wanted for Christmas was Christmas cards. At first they posted it onto Facebook and then after that it started going everywhere so I thought, well you know, we could send a couple Christmas cards," Crippen said.

Crippen decided to tell his co-workers about Dalton.

He says he planned on sending only ten cards, but as soon as his co-workers found out, they were able to collect more than two-hundred cards for Dalton.

It took them a day to gather signatures and using his own time and money, he was able to ship all the cards to Dalton a few days after Christmas.

"We just hope that he gets better and we just pray to God that whatever happens, it happens for the best for him," Crippen said.

Many people at Pilgrim's Pride became so emotional by Dalton's story they wrote him personal notes inside his cards.

"There were a few people who were signing cards that actually got really involved in it. As they started reading their story, you would think that they were actually signing a card for their nephew or their son or somebody they actually know," Crippen said.

He says he understands the family can't respond to him directly, but he knows they appreciate his effort.

"It's just a simple gesture of signing your name and you could do it for everybody. It's just like walking up to a complete stranger and saying 'hey, are you doing okay?' It's just taking that extra second to care for somebody you don't know," Crippen said.

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