Health officials say realistic goals help reach New Year’s goals

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Four days into the year and many arehitting the gym to make sure they keep their New Year's resolutions.

"If we're making healthierchoices we're going to feel better, we're going to look better and have moreenergy," said Amy McLeod, Registered Dietician, Brookshire Brothers.

But for many the momentum they gainafter the start of the New Year dwindles before January is over.

Registered dietician Amy McLeodsuggests making a list of the most important things you'd like to improve onhealth wise in the New Year.

"Just keep it simple I think mostpeople they have really excessive ideas maybe they're going to lose 50 poundsand it gets to be too overwhelming and that is why they are never successful,"said McLeod.

Trainer Amanda skinner says keeping aresolution is about committing to being healthier and becoming happier withyour body.

"Instead of hey I'm going to lose10 pounds, hey I'm going to live a healthier lifestyle," said Skinner.

Skinner is nine months pregnant and isexpecting her third child in 11 days and she says she's hitting the gym harderthan ever this year.

"After this baby is born its backto the grindstone, one of my goals is to run Tough Mudder in April," saidSkinner.

Dieticians say with too many goals you'relikely to throw in the towel but with a few realistic goals you're more likelyto be successful.

"If you can make one or two majorchanges in your lifestyle that will improve your health you can look back on itthe next year and say that's one thing that I did," said McLeod.

"If it takes a New Year'sresolution to do that by all means make a resolution do that by all means makea resolution get out there and start," said Skinner.

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