Duck Dynasty: Preacher Edition

This man may soon be looking like Duck Dynasty's Jase, Willie or Sy if he doesn't get $5,000 quick! A pastor of a Nacogdoches church has decided to listen to his wife and wait to shave his beard until he can raise the amount for charity. Caleb Beames has the story at 6.

Also at 6, Donna McCollum looks back on the life of a Nacogdoches civic leader and CEO of Nacogdoches Memorial Hospital, Tim Hayward, who died Saturday.

While Lufkin Police say the door-kick burglar is behind bars, it appears a similar crime is happening in Shelby County. Maegan Prejean explains at 6.

An Angelina County woman is raising awareness for PTSD by giving away bracelets every year to soldiers. At 5, Michelle Reed will explain how you can help her find the candidate this year.

Jeff Awtrey

Assignments editor