Local NAACP React To Bush's Refusal

John Morrison, the Nacogdoches NAACP Chapter President said, "I can understand him turning it down because he has turned us down in years prior."

In an announcement that shocked African Americans around the nation, President Bush said he would turn down the invitation to speak at the NAACP National Convention. And it wasn't long before his opponents reacted.

Presidential Candidate John Kerry said, "the President may be too busy to speak to you now. But I've got news for you. He's going to have plenty of time after November 2nd."

The Bush Administration says the President turned down the invitation because he is at odds with some of the leaders in the organization, not the organizations members. Local members of the NAACP say they can't blame him. They say if they were in the same situation, they would have done the same.

"I would have done the same thing, you know. Because of the prior years I have never accepted, and this being an election year, I don't think I would have just showed up this year and hadn't in the prior years," said Morrison.

Morrison says he wasn't surprised to hear about Bush's refusal, and he says he doesn't think that his refusal makes him a racist as some accused Bush of being.

In the last election, African American voters opposed Mr. Bush by a margin of nearly nine-to-one. Political analysts say the results likely will be the same this November.

Despite the predicted odds, Bush says he is not giving up on the African American vote. He's scheduled to speak to another major African American group -- The Urban League -- in Detroit next week.