Lufkin mother honoring Sandy Hook victims through photography

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Photos can often be one of our most valuable possessions especially when they are the only memory you have of a loved one. It's something Morgan Due knows first hand after losing her first husband in 2008.

"I lost my first husband in a car accident and together we had a son. He was 14 months old at the time," Morgan Due said. "He was so young. He really didn't get to know his dad and to me that was heartbreaking."

Due's son Landon will be six this month and is thankful his mother captured every moment with his father Christopher. Due said, "He just loves to look at pictures of his daddy. He knows he looks like him, he hopes he can play baseball like him. So, even if I can just keep his memory alive through pictures or just words. That's what I want to do for Landon."

December 14 would have been Morgan and Christopher's six year anniversary, which is the same day the Sandy Hook Elementary tragedy took place in Newtown, Ct. As a mother of three, the Lufkin photographer decided to join the 'Olivia Act' this year. The act is named after six-year-old victim Olivia Engel who had recently taken photos with her family before the tragedy.

Due said, "I'm going to give away one session a month the whole year of 2013, and you can be nominated. I want people to nominate a deserving family that gives to the community. They don't necessarily have to be in a financial need."

You can visit Morgan Due's website at to send an email nominating a family. Type "The Olivia Act" in the subject title to assure nominees make it into the monthly drawing.

"It will be special to each family and my son Landon is actually going to do the drawing each month," Due said. "The names that are nominated will stay in throughout the year. So, if they're nominated in January, they have the rest of the year to have a chance to be picked and to get the free session."

Recently Due photographed a wedding for one of her client's whose brother passed away shortly after. "That was their last photo that they had taken of him. She reminds me on a regular basis how precious that one picture of him is to their family," Due said.

The photographer says each photo should remind us to never take life for granted. Due said, "People kind of understand a little how tomorrow is not promised and it can happen to anybody. I guess people kind of forget that and so to them these photos mean the world and that makes me very happy."

The first drawing will be January 14 for the first free photo shoot of the year.

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