Another life sentence for murderer

A Nacogdoches man is the latest in a string of East Texas murderers going to prison for life after a jury's decision on Wednesday. At 10, Michelle Reed explains the evidence the jury used to make the decision and gets the man's family's reaction to the sentence.

Timber crime: Something we don't see much when we scan various jail dockets in our viewing area. But we found one today. At 6, Caleb Beames explains the charge and how one Angelina County constable managed to solve the crime.

Growing sugarcane has been an East Texas tradition for many generations. It's a ritual in Nacogdoches as the city hosts the Sweet Tooth Sugarcane event. As Maegan Prejean found out, the city's event teaches visitors how sugarcane was pressed and turned into syrup in the 1800s. That story's at 5.

Most New Year's resolutions are obviously good for your health. But did you know they're also good for your wallet? Francesca Washington explains at 6.

Jeff Awtrey

Assignments editor