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The search is underway for bail jumper Jeena Roberts


The search is now underway for Jeena Roberts after she failed to show up to the Lubbock County Detention Center to begin serving her jail time. Roberts entered a plea of guilty for intoxication manslaughter and intoxication assault in connection with an October 22, 2010 accident that killed 54-year old Linda Smaltz and seriously injured her daughter Bethany Vasquez.

The Judge allowed Roberts to spend one last Christmas with her family before beginning to serve her time as long as she turned herself in on Monday January 7, but when she didn't show up the search began.

"I don't want to talk too much about the details of trying to find her but I do know there's a lot of folks looking for her and at some point we'll catch her. At some point we'll find out where she is," said Criminal District Attorney for Lubbock County Matt Powell.

"Our position basically is the victim didn't get to spend Christmas with their family, so we thought she needed to be locked up immediately."

Roberts is from the Houston area and that's where Powell believes police will start their search.

"She'll be brought back to Lubbock and she'll face the new charge. Everything that's taken place on the old case as far as sentencing and everything else is a done deal. We can't go back and the judge can't change her sentence," said Powell. "She plead to 15 [years] on intoxication manslaughter and then she plead to 8 [years] for intoxication assault and that judge ordered that those run concurrently."

That ruling means that she will serve time for both charges at the same time, serving a total of 15 years in prison rather than 23, but when she is caught she will have new charges to deal with.

"We filed a new charge on her on Tuesday. We presented a charge to the grand jury for bail jumping which is a third degree felony and she has that charge pending now."

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