TxDOT releases list of roads changing to 75 mph speed limit

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - The speed limit for most motorists is 70 miles per hour and will soon change to 75 in designated roadways across East Texas.

So, how is this new speed of 75 possible?

"It was enacted by the legislature back in September 2011, so this is happening all over the state, not just in East Texas," said Kathi White, the spokeswoman for TxDOT.

Eleven different roadways in Angelina and Nacogodches County will increase to 75 miles an hour, including highways 59, 69 and 259.

Speed studies were conducted by the Texas Department of Public Safety to determine which roadways could be safely raised to 75.

"Not everywhere that it's 70 miles an hour is going to go to 75," White said. "Remember again it is based on what is reasonable and what is safe, so not every area is going to go up."

Dary Tang has been a business owner in Nacogdoches County for 17 years and witnessed the speed increase on US 59 from 65 to 70 and is concerned about the five mile-per-hour speed increase.

"People already speed up to 75 anyways regardless," Tang said. "It is kind of dangerous for customers to pull in or out and for me I don't think it's a good idea."

Tang is concerned about the safety of motorists on 59 because she has seen several wrecks over the years.

"You know there were like two or three accidents," Tang said. "They tried to pull out that way and then she got hit right behind. There's a lot of crazy drivers out there. I can tell you that."

Safety is a number one priority for TxDOT.

"At this point what motorist should do is observe the posted speed limits," White said. "Some areas are going to move to 75 miles per hour, but that doesn't take effect until the signs are actually posted."

Motorists should observe that speed limits will go up and down based on location.

Below is a list of roadways which will see the new speed limit:

Angelina County:  SH 7, SH 103, US 59, US 69, SH 63, SH 147.

Nacogdoches County: US 59, US 259, SH 7, SH 1O3, SH 21.

Houston County: US 287, SH 19, SH 7.

Polk County: US 59, US 287.

Sabine County: SH 103, US 96.

San Augustine County: SH 103, US 96, SH 147.

Shelby County: US 59, SH 7, US 96.

Trinity County: US 287, SH 19.

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