4th annual Sugar Cane festival sheds light on Nacogdoches history

NACOGDOCHES COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Saturday the Nacogdoches communitytook a step back in time at the 4th Annual Old Fashioned Sweet Tooth Sugar CaneFestival.

"In Nacogdoches County, if they wantedsweetness they couldn't go to the store to get sugar," said Jeff Abt,President, Friends of Historic Nacogdoches Inc.

In the 1800's sugar cane was a staplein Nacogdoches County, the festival showcases how landowners managed to supplythe popular product.

"Its really one of those lostarts people don't do as much anymore," said Jessica Sowell, Assistant HistoricSites Manager.

At the Durst-Taylor Historic House civil warre-enactors demonstrated the pressing process that can take anywhere from several hours to days depending onhow much is being made.

"She gets hooked onto the end ofthe sugar cane mill, walks around in a circle and the three gears turn and squishesthe sugar cane through the middle and pulls the juice out," said Sowell.

Sharon Curr is known in Nacogdoches as"The History Lady", she once lived in the Durst-Taylor home and says thatfarming was vital for every family.

"Every family here had a garden of sometype at the house," said Curr.

Festival officials say that there issomething here for everyone.

For some it's trip down memory laneand other get glimpse of a time in history the never knew.

"Its really kind of a throwbackand they get to see something they haven't seen in quite a few years and thenthere kids who have never seen anything like this, its an educationalexperience," said Sowell.

The Friends of Historic Nacogdoches host thefestival every 2nd Saturday in January.

Later this year they will host a ColumbiaCollection Day in remembrance of the fallen shuttle.

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