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Brides-to-be look through all the latest wedding trends


Royal blue vs fuchsia and red velvet vs coconut were some of the top questions on brides minds as they tasted and talked their way around the East Texas Bridal fair.

Lots of fingers adorned with sparkly rings and the brides-to-be were immersed in everything wedding.

Sunday ladies and their entourages crowded the Lufkin Civic Center to either get started or put the finishing touches on their special day.

Executive Director of the East Texas Bridal fair, Eva Dickens says from the moment he pops the question, ideas about the wedding start swirling.

Dickens said, "When the bride becomes engaged, the girl becomes engaged, all she's thinking about is that wedding and her special day and so by putting it all under one roof she can just come in and she's overwhelmed almost with all the beauty of it."

Emily Haney is getting married May 11th and she says it's a one-stop-shop with everything from body wraps to photography, venues, cakes and desserts galore plus plenty of wedding dresses.

"Everybody has everything out." Haney said. "And there's so many choices. So even if you don't have anything done, you can come today and get all of it done."

Haney said she got a lot done today and her perfect day is slowly coming together.

Haney said she planned her wedding "just real like southern, shabby chic, vintage, which is what everybody's doing right now but it's my favorite kind of stuff."

Dickens says vendors and brides come from all over the area to attend.

"Today the brides can come in with their parents, their bridesmaids, maids of honor, groom and all of that" said Dickens. "They can actually plan their wedding here today. Vendors are here to take dates, make contracts and a lot of them do."

Katie McCauley is just getting started planning her Spring 2014 wedding.

She said, "It's very helpful to be able to come somewhere because you know you look online and sometimes you can't find what you're looking for so you come here and it's all in one place."

McCauley says she came to try cakes and look at dresses which was easy with a full-on fashion show showcasing the most current wedding fashions.

McCauley said, "I would suggest any brides thinking about getting married should definitely come to one of these."

With an October wedding in the works, we spotted our own KTRE news anchor Christel Phillips perusing the wedding the booths, tasting food and cakes for her upcoming nuptials.

This was the 12th annual bridal fair and one lucky registered bride won a 3.25 carat diamond pendant from Lufkin Jewelry on the Square.

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