E. Texas students will showcase skills in culinary competition similar to Food Network show

Culinary East Texas students will showcase their skills in the first ever Axed Culinary Competition. The competition will be similar to the show "chopped" on the Food Network.

Diboll High School will be hosting the competition. Culinary students practiced for the first ever competition today using a combination of three different dishes.

Jarvis Shepherd is one of the only males in his culinary class who doesn't mind getting his hands dirty in the kitchen for some fun competition. "I'm thinking about competing myself you know. I had my last competition with the hush puppy contest at the forest festival," Jarvis Shepherd said. "I came in second overall, so I'm thinking about trying to redeem myself and win this one."

The Axed Competition will include a mystery basket of different ingredients.

Jennifer Garcia, Diboll H.S. culinary high school teacher, said, "The students actually have to prepare a meal that contains a protein, a starch and a vegetable from that basket. They'll have pantry items and refrigerated items that they can use as well, but they have to include those items from the basket."

Junior High and High School students will participate in teams of two. They will only have an hour to execute a protein, starch and vegetable dish using the mystery ingredients. Two plates will be presented. One plate for display and the other will be evaluated for appearance, taste, and temperature.

"I do watch the Food Network quite a lot and chopped is one of my favorite shows," Meghan Wagner, Diboll H.S. culinary student. "And I think 'axed' is going to be really fun and just something different."

The Axed Culinary Competition is January 26 at the Lottie and Arthur Temple Civic Center in Diboll. There is still room for more East Texas culinary student competitors. If you would like to participate in the first ever culinary arts competition in Diboll, contact Jennifer Garcia at jgarcia@dibollisd.com.

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