Martinsville's "Perfect Pirates"

Martinsville, TX (KTRE) - In tiny Martinsville, it's all about one sport.

"When you think of Martinsville, it's basketball," said Martinsville senior Gabby Spencer.

Basketball is what could put this team on the map

"I don't think the girls have ever won state," said Martinsville senior Taylor Enloe.

Winning state is a real possibility this year.

"We've won at home and those games have always propelled us to the playoffs," said Coach Danny Enloe.

These girls are good. How good?

They are 25-0 this year and have a 24 home game winning streak.

One thing has been Consistant through the streak.

"We're not going to have it offensively every night, so one thing we can do is play good hard defense," said Coach Enloe.

This year, Coach Enloe's team is only allowing 20 points per game.

It is something that these girls take pride in.

"Don't lose at home, don't plan on loosing at home. Every game we expect to win," said Spencer.

They make sure opponents know how serious they are.

"We want to set our dominance early in the game.  Make sure they know we're here and we're focused and that we're going to come to play," said Taylor Enloe.

"I'm not worried, I don't think our team is worried, we got it," said Spencer.

"We let them know that we don't want to fear no one but we respect all," said Coach Enloe.

They may be confident but, they're not letting this success get to their heads.

These pirates know, everyone is trying to take them down.

"We know that we are undefeated and everyone wants to beat the undefeated team. We take everyone we play seriously. We all treat the same, no one thinks we are too good to get beat," said Taylor Enloe

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