Houston Co. child shooting victim injured in burn pile accident

HOUSTON COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Authorities with the Houston County Sheriff's Office and Child Protective Services are investigating the case of a child who suffered burn injuries while playing around a burn pile on Saturday.

Concern arose over the case because the child is the same nine-year-old boy who suffered a gunshot injury in December while hunting with his friend. The burn accident took place at the same friend's home.

According to a press release, the boy was playing with several other children around a burn pile at the home, located on the 6000 block of County Road 1620. One of the children threw gasoline on the fire and some of the gasoline may have spilled onto the boy's clothes, causing his pants to catch fire.

He was flown to a Dallas hospital for treatment.

According to a previous report, the boy suffered an arm injury while hunting in the woods on Dec. 29 with a nine-year-old friend, who dropped a .410 shotgun. The weapon fired and the shot hit the victim in the arm.

The boy was treated and released from a Crockett hospital.

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