Nacogdoches commissioner steals truck without breaking the law

Nac. County Commissioner Charles Thomson
Nac. County Commissioner Charles Thomson

NACOGDOCHES COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Nacogdoches County Commissioner Charles Thomson has a story to tell over lunch. Over the weekend he got his truck stolen in Irving.

"I felt like a thief in the night stealing my own truck back. All I seen was a pile of glass where the truck was," said Commissioner Charles Thomson, Nacogdoches County

It's how he got back the 2012 Ford King Ranch pickup that peaks listener's interest, luckily Thomson's computer was in the front seat.

"You had an Iphone/Ipad find your phone app," said Thomson's friend.

"It pinged it within about an hour, that's google earth," said Thomson.

Thomson gave police a google map picture and address to his truck's location in Dallas, about 20 miles away.

He didn't like what Dallas police had to say.

"We'll get someone out there, you know, nothing," said Thomson.

This independent businessman was…

"Mad, I was really angry. I had spotted; I know where my stuff was, and I wanted action," said Thompson.

Charles Thomson's nickname is Killowatt. He's an electrician by trade. After seeing this he took some of that energy and used it to his advantage.

"About a hundred yards away from the place was my truck so I jumped in it and stole it back," said Thomson.

His partner in justice was Kim Crisp and his wife.

"I turned around and said where is he? She said, 'He's back there, but he's back there at the stop sign.' I said, 'Well, you don't stop at a stop sign when you're stealing your own truck," said Crisp.

"It's a pretty crazy story, but I'm not surprised he was in the middle of it," said Ronnie Coats, friend.

Thomson says he would do it all over again, but knows…

"Very dangerous, but I was just mad," said Thomson.

Thomson, like many East Texans know if you want something to happen, sometimes you just have to do it yourself.

Charles Thomson is still trying to get his computer back, but he's got little hope of that happening.

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