Facebook helps save animals' lives and you can help save others

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Facebook. We use it for fun. We keep in touch with our friends, post cute picture and play games but now...it's saving lives.

The Kurth Memorial Animal Shelter said they had a record breaking year of surrenders and unfortunately euthanizations and that Facebook has already saved one dog and how can save another.

This is Duke. His time is running out.

He's a 6 month old, Australian Cattle dog mix and Duke is scheduled to be euthanized this week because there is simply not enough space at the shelter.

Volunteer Katie White said, "It's sad because his time is up. We know within the next few days that he's not going to be here and if you look into their eyes. It's really a sad situation because you know all they want is what we want. They want a home."

White said, it's really hard because you get attached but you know you did all you can do.

She said, "It makes it easier knowing you can be there for maybe their last day and give them that love, give them that extra treat."

Shelter Director, Rhonda Mclendon says she clings to stories like Mayberry's whose owners spotted her on Facebook and gave her a forever home in Washington, D.C.

Mclendon said, "We have to fight for one animal at a time and it's very encouraging when someone goes through that expense and that trouble to make sure they save an animal. Every once in a while that happens and it's always surprising because here we have a lot of trouble adopting these animals."

Volunteers at the animal shelter started the Facebook page to try and reach more people

Mclendon said, "It had an immediate impact on more people out of town adopting through us."

It's so easy. You just post a picture and then every one of your friends sees it and it can save a life...maybe Duke's.
White said what the community can do to help is use Facebook to "Post it. Share it. Spread the word."

In 2012 the shelter:

- Adopted out 967 animals, 7% increase

- Put more than 800 in rescues, 60% increase

- Did 550 spay neuters at low cost or no cost

- Euthanized 5200 animals, 400 more than 2011, 7% increase