It's Hot Out There!

Everyone seems to be talking about how hot it is even though it happens every summer. Yes, it's always hot in the summertime, but even those who work in it need to be reminded of the dangers involved.

Nacogdoches emergency workers have been receiving daily e-mails containing warnings about the high heat index and the order to drink plenty of water.

Nacogdoches Fire Department paramedic Steven Gutermuth advised, "You need to take three to four glasses an hour of water and take several breaks."

Sign man Roger Hernandez works under the hot sun hanging outdoor signs. "The hottest part of the day is probably about 1:00. If you make it through that, the rest of the is all right."

That's why painter Ellery Coleman does the right thing. He and a helper begin work in the cool of the morning. "This morning it was a beautiful morning. It was 64 degrees, so get out early before it gets too hot."

Yet not everybody has such a flexible schedule. They must work in the hot sun all day long, but they understand the importance of frequent breaks. Without them heat exhaustion could set in said Gutermuth. "You'll have cool, clammy skin. You'll be pale. If you start getting dizzy, start cramping in the legs that's due to loss of salt."

So while we come to expect hot weather during Texas summers we need these reminders to use precaution for at least several more months. "This is East Texas. It's hot all the way through sometimes to September to October it stays hot," said Coleman as he hurried to finish his job before the noon day sun came out.